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Catalog number AT0005
DescriptionMouse Monoclonal Antibody to Histone 3.1 [5G3] - Loading Control
Tested applicationsWB: 1:500~1:5000
Catalog number AT1576
Descriptionanti-Histone H3 rabbit monoclonal antibody
ReactivityHuman, Mouse, Rat
Catalog number AT0018
anti- Lamin B1 mouse monoclonal antibody - Nuclear protein loading control
ReactivityMouse, Human, Rat
Catalog number AT1585
Descriptionanti-Lamin B1 Rabbit monoclonal antibody
ClonalityRabbit monoclonal, clone number: 8A9
Catalog number AT0016
Descriptionanti-PCNA(proliferating cell nuclear antigen) mouse monoclonal antibody
Reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat
Catalog number AT1577
DescriptionRabbit monoclonal to PCNA
Tested applicationsWB(1:2000-1:10000)
Catalog number AT0017
DescriptionAnti-TATA binding protein TBP Rabbit monoclonal antibody
ReactivityHuman, Rat, Mouse
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